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Restoration Agreement

This agreement is to inform the customer on the policies for the restoration process that we follow here at Road Hog, LLC.  The restoration of any vehicle is a lengthy and expensive process, full frame off, rotisserie restorations can be 1,200+ hours, custom and show quality restorations can be much higher.  It is our desire that we work with you, as the customer to ensure you understand the commitment both in time and money it takes to complete a restoration project.  These policies are in place so that we can avoid any misunderstandings and the process will be enjoyable and satisfying!

 Because of the unknown variable associated with restoration (condition of body, frame, structural components, engine and general mechanical condition and availability of parts) estimates or “bids” of the total cost of a project will not be given at any time.  All restoration jobs are time and material.

Due to our current work load a $5,000 deposit, will be required upon execution of this agreement to hold your place.  If you decide to withdraw a $5.00 per day fee will apply.
Unless other arrangements are made, customer will be billed each week with the total invoice due upon receipt. 

Invoices will include time spent on project and any materials used or ordered during the preceding week.  Labor hours descriptions are intended to define the scope of the work performed and may not include every detail of work performed.  Hours may also include multiple employees working on the same project. 

Time sheets are maintained as a record of time spent on the project and photos are taken as the project progresses.  Photos of progress will be posted to our website for your viewing.  Customer is welcome to personally view the project as it progresses.  At the end of the restoration all photos will be given to customer on a flash drive.
Our labor rates are:

 $85.00 per hour for restorations (Body & Mechanics)

Parts, sublets, and materials will be marked up 25%, (Inventory items will be charged at the retail price regardless of markup)

Rates are good for 12 months from the start of restoration agreement, restorations extended through customer hold will be subject to any increases in hourly rate.

Each customer is required to provide their own insurance to cover the market value of the vehicle. 

Customer assures Road Hog, LLC that the vehicle is titled in their name as the owner.  You will be responsible for improvements made to the vehicle even if you have not assured you possess clear title to the vehicle.  Proof of ownership may be required.

Road Hog, LLC will not be responsible for faulty, altered or removed vin tags.  It is the customer’s responsibility to verify vin info before restoration.  Road Hog, LLC will not alter, add or modify vin tags.

Customer or Road Hog, LLC may at any time decide to stop the repair/restoration process and may remove the car upon payment of outstanding invoices.  Pending final charges, any credit balance will be returned to customer.

Road Hog, LLC is not responsible for personal items left in vehicle. All take off parts left at Road Hog, LLC after 30 days of car delivery will be considered abandoned and disposed of.

 Parts or labor for replacing parts that are not purchased through Road Hog, LLC. will not be warranted by Road Hog, LLC.  All parts warranties are those provided by the manufacturer only.  We discourage the use of used parts that have not been rebuilt.

 Past Due Accounts are subject to a service charge of 1% per month.  Customer will be   responsible for legal fees associated with the collection of past due accounts.
 In the event customer puts the project on hold more than 30 days, $5.00 per day will be charged every day thereafter until project resumes.  Note Customer’s project will have to be worked back into our schedule before project resumes.

I give Road Hog, LLC permission to use the pictures of my restoration along with my name, city, state and country in their catalogs, website, on their page at and promotional materials.


Exceptions and/or Amendments to This Agreement_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I have fully read this agreement and understand and agree to the terms and conditions as outlined in this document


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