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How much will it cost to restore my car?  A common question we get here at Road Hog, LLC.  It may seem like a simple question, but in reality is very difficult to answer.  There are many variables when restoring a car, how much rust is present, does the car/truck need metal replaced, how much bondo was put on in the past, was past body work done correctly, how easy are the parts to obtain, do you want a frame off restoration or just a freshen up?  Each car is uniquely different and all these questions cannot be answered by just a quick look at your car.  There could be many hidden factors that will affect how many labor hours are spent getting your car professionally restored. Doing it right the first time will save you time and money in the long run.

The complete restoration of any vehicle is a lengthy and expensive process, with the basic turnkey restorations taking an average of 1,200 man hours.  Custom frame off restorations can be 1,500 hours or more depending on the extent of the customization wanted.  It is our desire that we work with you, as the customer to ensure you understand the commitment both in time and money it takes to complete a restoration project.  Here at Road Hog our restorations are charged by the hour plus parts and materials.  You can be assured that all hours are carefully documented, we take pictures of the process and every effort is made to give you a professional job that will last for many years to come.  Initially we require a 5,000 deposit then once work has begun the customer is billed weekly and you pay as the work is done.  This allows us to work with the customer’s budget and do the work as their funds may allow. Customer is charged per man hour worked plus parts and materials.  Our current labor rate is $69.00 per hour for restoration work. 

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