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We have an indoor blast room where we can blast the whole car on a rotisserie.  A smaller blast cabinet is used for your smaller parts.

Disc brake conversions, power brake conversions, plumbing, master cylinder upgrades and brake repairs.  We specialize in stainless steel lines, for lasting durability.

Carburetors, Fuel Injection, Superchargers, Turbo Chargers, Intake Manifolds, Camshafts, Rear Ends, Aluminum Radiators, Electric Fan and Serpentine Kit

One of the most exciting parts of owning a classic car is hearing the rumble of the exhaust.  We can transform your stock ride into a wild machine.  From carbs to tail pipes and everything in between we can put together a winning combo to suit your goals.  Engine upgrades like cam shafts, intakes and high performance carb will wake up your engine.  Header and high flow exhaust will help it breathe.   We can give it the proper fuel system to feed the horses.  The right gear ratio in the rear end to make your tires scream.  We do it all engines, transmissions, and rear ends.  With all that extra power you will need extra cooling capacity to keep the temperature down.  Aluminum radiator and high performance cooling fans get the job done.  Road Hog can build your street thumper.  You can trust our ASE Certified Mechanics to get it done right.


Metal Repair & Customization is a dying art in these days of plastic and pop on parts.  Our body shop “artist” have over 30 years of experienced repairing and modifying your car the old fashioned way.

Complete paint & body services, dent repair, whole car painting.  Partial painting & blending, single stage or basecoat/clear.  We have the ability to custom match most paint colors.   Let our highly skilled technicians give your classic a superior paint job.

For your safe and comfortable ride, we do stock rebuilds, Heidts Conversions, rack & pinion, power steering conversions, coil over conversions, etc.

Needing a new set of tires, measuring for and finding that perfect custom wheel, we can help.  We have competitive pricing, individual service and a knowledgeable staff.

When you want a custom or “show quality” header and/or exhaust system, we can fabricate to your specs.  We are experienced in stainless steel applications as well.

Want to ride your classic in comfort?  We install Classic Auto Air Systems as an upgrade to your a/c car or all new and integrated in your non a/c classic.  Just need your classic factory a/c repaired to original standards, we are experienced in repairs as well.

Our ASE Certified Mechanics at Road Hog, LLC can help you with your transmission problems too.  We can diagnose and repair your classic so you can get back to cruising.  We can also perform fuel saving swaps by adding an automatic overdrive transmission.  This will lower rpms making it more comfortable on the highway.  Add a computer controlled transmission for the ultimate in drivability and tune ability.  We know that not everyone wants an automatic transmission, so we can also rebuild your manual transmission, or swap your automatic for a 4, 5 or 6 speed manual transmission.

LS or Coyote Conversions, High Performance Builds, Stock Rebuilds or Crate Engine
We know it is just as important for your car to run as good as it looks.  Our mechanics can rebuild engines and transmissions to factory original standards or to you high horsepower dreams. 
In addition to keeping your old school ride going we are experienced in bringing it into the 21st century.  Swapping your old school for a modern engine like the Chevrolet LS or the Ford Coyote motor, will make it reliable for years to come.

Here at Road Hog, LLC we are committed to providing you with knowledgeable and friendly service.  Our staff is well equipped to talk any task, BIG or small, on your classic car.  We can also provide the guidance sometimes necessary to achieve your goals while we work on your car.  Here is just a brief description of what we can do for your car, classic or late model.


suspension &


Complete Electrical Re-wire, Repairs or Upgrades
One of the most baffling part of any automobile is the electrical system.  Our techs can expertly diagnose and repair your factory wiring harness.  We can also provide you with peace of mind by installing an all new modern wiring harness custom made for your car.  We are experienced in installing and retro fitting modern conveniences like:
Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Alarms, Remote Start, Back-Up Cameras, Stereo Systems, etc. making your car truly a “custom ride”.

mufflers & exhaust

Air conditioning



wheels & tires


Performance upgrades

Rates and Services

Mechanic Rate Book** Time                               $110.00 per hour

Mechanic Rate Classic Car Straight Time           $85.00 per hour

Collision Repair Book** Time (Insurance)            $60.00 per hour

Restorations Both Mechanic & Body Shop          $85.00 per hour

**We use Mitchell Estimating for estimating mechanical & collision repairs on modern cars only 20 years old or newer!  Classics cars are always straight times.  There is a one hour minimum on all jobs.

​***Prices can change without notice, please check with shop for current pricing.


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